Project 1205 Pool

Given our client’s background in precision engineering and cutting edge design, an early design decision was that the pool building should be a sleek, contemporary structure to contrast the Cotswold vernacular of the main house.

The pool stands alone as a minimal, precise pavilion, devoid of the mechanical equipment that can take over a pool building. The gym building becomes the transition between the traditional house and the contemporary pool pavilion, connected to the pool by a frameless, glass link. The link becomes almost invisible, maintaining the separation and individuality of the two buildings.

The defining feature of the pool building is the ceiling, a curving structure, finished in a polished venetian plaster, it has been designed to give the impression that the roof is floating, with the ceiling visually detached from the columns holding it all up. This is a place to retreat to and relax in, a serene environment with no distractions, where you lie relaxing in your dark, bottomless pool looking up at the curved, floating ‘sky’ above. The project won an RIBA Award in 2014.

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