Project 1658

This extensive renovation of a Listed mid 18th Century gentry farmhouse included the remodelling of the interior spaces. In particular the new parts of the house where given a more traditional approach with the aim of making the link between the two parts less visible.

Dado panelling and a series of arched openings were installed into the entrance hall which is the central link between these two areas. The dining room previously consisting of plastered walls and a large contemporary ingle nook fireplace has been remodelled to create a much more intimate space. A pair of double doors were added to increase the grandeur of entrance, the fireplace was lowered with a mantle shelf added for lighting and display, the walls have been panelled and a pretty decorative plaster ceiling detail was designed and installed.

With regard to the interior decoration we wanted the interior to be slightly eclectic as if the items had been collected and the look evolved over time and as such it is still a work in progress. We have sourced many items, furniture, lamps and paintings from local antique dealers, window treatments, cushions and upholstery, are all bespoke and unique to the client.

Kitchens and bathrooms were kept modern and functional but stylish, with subtle and concealed lighting, elsewhere lighting was kept traditional with table lamps, wall sconces and chandeliers.

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